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Pistol Range Bag


Who Needs a Pistol Range Bag?

When people first start shooting pistols, a range bag is probably their second thought after buying their pistol. Consider you need more than just a gun you will have to take ammo, targets, eye protection, and hearing protection to the range with you.

Once you pickup a range bag your range range days will be much more convenient.


Choosing a Range Bag

Choosing a range bag can be a difficult choice, since there are so many options available. Many people will purchase their range bag based on cost alone and I know for many it depends on what kind of budget you have but sometimes it's worth saving a bit extra and getting the pistol bag that's right for you.

Size of your Pistol Range Bag

Your Pistol Range Bag Size

Choosing the right pistol range bag size is essential to making sure you can carry all of your gear with you to the range. Consider how much space you need to carry your ammo, hearing protection, cleaning gear and whatever else you like to have with you when shooting.

Your Pistol Range Bag Features

Having all the right features and pockets on your bag is extremely important because you want your range bag to do the hard work for you. If you want your bag to hold up year after you, then quality is important to you. Make sure the bag you choose features metal hardware, sturdy zippers and premium fabric for the best results.

Pistol Range Bag Zippers
Two Pistol Range Bag

What You’re Carrying

Only you know your normal range routine. Consider how many pistols you carry on an average trip to the range before purchasing a pistol range bag. If you only carry one, a smaller bag will meet your needs. But if you like to alternate firearms or you think you’ll invest in a second pistol to take to the range, invest in a bag that can accommodate the number of weapons you plan to carry and the accompanying ammo and gear.

What It Looks Like

The color is mostly about personal preference, but keep in mind that lighter colors tend to show dirt, oil, and carbon. Darker colors like black, green, and dark blues hide everyday wear and dirt, so if you want your bag to look as sharp as the day you bought it, consider a darker hue.

Pistol Bag Interior
Where is your range bag made

Where Your Range Bag is Made

Where your pistol bag was made can mean a lot more than just how you feel about its origin. Different countries use different fabrics and have different manufacturing standards and practices. Identifying your personal preferences and quality standards first will help you rule out bags that won’t meet your needs in the long run.

Now you are equipped with the information you need to make a smarter range bag purchase decision.